Auction Calendar​​​​​​


 April Estate sale coming soon. 

What type of items do we take?

We can take just about any items for sale.  Household items, furniture and tools do quite well.  We have a dealers license and also sell boats & automobiles.  We quite often do "themed" auctions so look for any items you may have that fit accordingly.  Just a few examples:

*Collectibles *Furniture *Sporting Goods *Household items

What we won't take?

At this point in time we are not licensed to sell firearms.  

Mattresses, Worn or Particleboard Furniture, Entertainment Centers, Used clothes, Firearms, Old Office Furniture, Glassware, Dolls, Trinkets, Cribs, Hazardous materials, Garage sale type items, Dirty or worn items, Old exercise equipment, Old TV's, Trailers full of junk.  

How to Sell with Bid Kato.

1) Test and clean any items.  All items must be tested and in the condition stated in the description.  Clean your items before you drop them off.  All items are sold as is, we don't have the time to test or clean everyone's items as the drop them off.  The more prep time you can put into your items the better selling potential.

2) Create Lots for Your Items!  Look at your items and put them in groups of like things that you believe will sell for at least $30.  Each of these groups will be considered a Lot, and can be entered on our Listing Form (found at the top of our webpage).  Once the Lot is entered on the form make sure to mark it with the corresponding number, so that the Lots match up with the Form when you bring them in! Upon submission of the listing form, you will receive a copy of your form in your email. 

3)  Tuesday is our drop off day from 10am-5pm.  If Tuesday does not work for you or you have a very large load, please call ahead.

4)  On the day you bring your items to BidKato for check in. You are responsible for moving your items, if you have larger items make arrangements ahead of time to have help. 

5)  Once your item is posted the auctions typically run for 7-10 Days.  Feel free to watch the auctions and monitor the progress of your items. There is 1 week of pickup after that and then you can stop in to pick up your money.  This entire process usually takes 3-4 weeks.    


Selling 101